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May 2024 Market Statistics

Posted on Jun 05, 2024 in Statistics

We're almost to the beginning of the summer season and the real estate market is still hibernating. There has been activity in home sales but generally the market is slow. Buyers are waiting on the sidelines, hoping for some relief from the banks. As of June 5th, the Bank of Canada has lowered their base lending rate by 25 (whole) basis points. Hop...

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April 2024 Market Statistics

Posted on May 08, 2024 in Statistics

Note: The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) logo above will be changed in next month's newsletter. 

We hope that you've been enjoying the lovely weather over the last few days. The days are getting longer and it's getting harder to get up at the crack of dawn. :^)
In recent weeks, the real estate market has stirred from its slumber, with...

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March 2024 Market Statistics

Posted on Apr 05, 2024 in Statistics

The month of March brought additional much-needed inventory to our real estate markets but many buyers are still waiting for interest rate cuts.

These interest rate cuts depend on the latest economic data The latest employment data comes days before the Bank of Canada’s next interest rate announcement, which is set for April 10. The central bank ha...

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February 2024 Market Statistics

Posted on Mar 05, 2024 in Statistics


There is nothing surprising to report for the February month market activity... more properties were newly listed and the sales activity increased month over month. Bank of Canada had their meeting yesterday and decided to hold its key interest rate steady at 5% again. What was unexpected was some noteworthy changes from the new BC Budget.


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Artificial Intelligence's View of Homes Around the World

Posted on Feb 15, 2024 in News


Here is ChatGPT's idea of what homes and family dress styles around the world would look like in very stereotypical fashion. Click on each of the pictures for a larger view. The details of the homes are great but the faces can be a little scary in closeup. :^) For those people that have lived in these countries, does this bring back m...

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January 2024 Market Statistics

Posted on Feb 06, 2024 in Statistics

Throughout 2023, Canadians grappled with economic uncertainty and volatile housing markets, particularly in Metro Vancouver.  We believe that 2024 will be the start of a dramatic turnaround in the real estate market.

Inflation: After a significant drop from its peak of 8.1% in July 2022 to 4.0% in September 2023, inflation is expected to return to th...

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