Largest Price Movement Listings - Sept 14 - 21st, 2018

We received a lot of comments from last week's "price drop" email from our clients so I wanted to clarify a few things. These are the biggest price drops in their specific category and area and are not representative of the market in general.
It may be that the owners have listed the property too high in the first place and are just adjusting down to the market level or there may be other considerations such as location, exposure, condition, etc.I've added a couple of examples of price increases as well this week.

Note that these homes are still showing as active at this time, although they may have an offer in place or have sold and not registered in the MLS yet. Biggest Price Drops/Rises by Type and Area 
(Click the picture to see the full listing in another window.): 
Single Family - Fraser Valley

Single Family - Great Vancouver

Home with Acreage - Fraser Valley
Manufactured Home - Fraser Valley 

Apartment - Fraser Valley 

Apartment - Greater Vancouver

Townhouse - Fraser Valley

Townhouse - Great Vancouver

1/2 Duplex - Fraser Valley

1/2 Duplex - Greater Vancouver