Staging your Home on a Budget

Have your home ready for showings without putting a dent on your wallet!

The goal and desire of every seller is to have their home sell fast and for top dollar. However, it’s not luck that makes it happen. It takes careful consideration, planning, and knowledge on how to professionally prepare your home to pique the interest of as many potential buyers as possible.

Here are some SIMPLE, LOW COST ideas to help get your home ready for that potential buyer:

Show it Bright
Lighting can make a substantial difference on the way your house shows. However, lighting is often overlooked when showing a home. Bright lighting can make an area or room appear cleaner, warmer and even larger.

Keep window blinds and curtains open to let in natural light in and turn on the lights before ashowing. You should also replace dim light bulbs with brighter ones.

Disconnect yourself with your home
You need to look at your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. Remove clutter and de­-personalize the space. However, properties that are vacant do not present as well as properties that are furnished but devoid of clutter – there is a fine balance to having just the “right” amount of furniture to look “homey” and attractive to buyers and the stark look of a vacant home .

Furniture arrangement
Staging a home can make a property much more appealing to buyers! Not only does it showcase the home in the best light, it helps potential buyers imagine how their furniture could fit in the space. You can also make a room "smile at you" by adding some flowers or plants. Colour­-coordinated towels can give a face lift to a washroom or kitchen.

Make the house shine
A thorough cleaning of the home, both inside and out, will make your home shine! A dirty home looks tired and used and gives buyers an unfavorable impression of the owners. Furthermore, small repairs done, such as fresh caulking around sinks, tubs, and baseboards, “freshens” up the home and looks sharp to a buyer.

Curb appeal
The outside of a home is very important and it’s the first impression that the buyer has. Thus, the exterior of the home should be welcoming and appealing. A well groomed garden and tidy landscaping gives a favorable first impression. As well, a new entry floor mat can add a nice touch.

The right agent
We know it’s hard to find that right agent. Most people don't even know where to start or what to look for in a quality agent. We pride ourselves on our high ethics and hard work.

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